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comment1, Combat and Survival (Volume 3), r
comment1, Combat and Survival (Volume 3), r
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Utility: Business Intelligence Tool
comment1, Combat and Survival (Volume 3), r 856
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SPSS Forecasting Maintenance Only (Recommended)

  • SPSS Forecating helps to develop & implement successful strategies for your organistaion.
  • It consists of the advanced statistical techniques you really need in order to work with the time-series data unlike spreadsheet programs.
  • SPSS Forecasting helps in- 

              - Determining the best fitting ARIMA or exponential smoothing model for the analysis of the historical data.

              - At the same time you can model hundreds of time series rather than having to run the procedure for one variable at a time.

  •   SPSS Forecasting helps you to build models from time series data by:           
  1. Automatically testing your data  for seasonality, imtermittency & missing values, then selecting the appropriate models for them.
  2. Preventing outliers from influencing parameters estimates.
  3. You can generate graphs to show the intervals of confidence.
  • The experienced SPSS staistics user can use SPSS Forecasting to:
  1. When building your data model every parameter can be controlled.
  2. To check the starting point or your work you can you can use SPSS Forecasting Expert Modeler.
  • In SPSS Forecasting you can:

             - Have central file to save all your models there so that when data changes forecast can be updated without reseting the parameters or re-estimating model.

            - Models can be updated with the new data automatically by writing scripts.

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