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comment1, Combat and Survival (Volume 3), r
comment1, Combat and Survival (Volume 3), r
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Servers: Database Server
comment1, Combat and Survival (Volume 3), r 1024
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Oracle 11g Enterprise Edition for Windows/Linux Licence only (1 CPU) rate per CPU

  • Oracle 11g Enterprise Edition runs on clusters or single servers running Windows, Linux & Unix & provides industry leading performance.
  • It is responsible for managing transaction processing, content management application & business intelligence through its comprehensive features.
  • Different kind of failures such as site failure, human failure, server failure are all protected by this & thus minimizes the planned downtime.
  • For the largest of databases it easily manages the whole lifecycle of the information.
  • You now have to be least bothered for the security of your data with fine grained auditing, row level security, total recall of the data & encryption for the transparent data.
  • Other features such as online analytic processing, data mining & data warehousing helps it to deliver high performance.
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